1.     Cruise Control   (Minucci)
2.     Butterfly   (Minucci/Kallins)
3.     Everyone’s A Star   (Minucci/Kallins)
4.     Cinnamon   (Minucci)
5.     On The Sly   (Minucci)
6.     Two Hearts   (Minucci/Skinner)
7.     Stay A While   (Minucci)
8.     Fantasia Blue   (Minucci)
9.     If Only   (Minucci)
10.    Much Too Soon   (Jinda/Minucci)
11.    For Cryin’ Out Loud   (Minucci)
12.    Katalin   (Jinda)


Chieli Music (ASCAP)
Jinji Music (ASCAP)
Nervous Music  (BMI)
Kallins Music (BMI)

Chieli Minucci – electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, drums and bass programming
Jerry Brooks – bass
Dave Anderson – fretless bass
Steve Skinner – drum programming, keyboards, synth bass on “Two Hearts”
Philip Hamilton – percussion, vocals
Lionel Cordew – drums
Stan Harrison – tenor sax
Barry Danielian – trumpet
Jay Rowe – piano solo on “Fantasia Blue”

special guests:

Roger Smith – organ/piano on “For Cryin’ Out Loud” & ”Cruise Control”
Chuck Loeb – guitar on “On The Sly”
Warren Hill – alto sax on “Cinnamon”
Jay Beckenstein – sax on “Butterfly”
David Mann – soprano and tenor saxophones

Produced and Arranged by Chieli Minucci
Co-Producer:  Paul Wickliffe
Executive Producer:  Danny Weiss

Recorded and Mixed at Horizon Studios, NJ by Paul Wickliffe
Pre-Production at Baci Studios, NYC
additional recording at Nervous Music, NYC
Mastering by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound, NYC


Ozone Alert (from Global Village) // Chieli Minucci
  1. Ozone Alert (from Global Village) // Chieli Minucci
  2. Global Village (from Global Village) // Chieli Minucci
  3. The Effect (from Confidential) // Chieli Minucci
  4. Two Dancing (clip 2) // Special EFX featuring Chieli MInucci - All Stars
  5. Islands (from Mystique) // Chieli Minucci
  6. Happy Happy (from Party) // Chieli Minucci
  7. Mirage (from Genesis) // Chieli Minucci
  8. Wake Up // Special EFX featuring Chieli Minucci - All Stars
  9. Gathering Wind (from Without You) // Chieli Minucci
  10. Two Dancing (clip 1) // Special EFX featuring Chieli MInucci - All Stars